Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whats Going On In Caroga thru" My Rear Window "

Well Gang...., A great time was had yesterday on my birthday, Jen & Ali took me out for dinner to a Chinese Buffet, "All You Can Eat!" I like Chinese food but no matter if it's Chinese or your normal all you can eat buffet, I always seem to eat less then my normal portion. I'll explain, When I am doing my survey of what they have to offer at the buffet before I put anything on my plate I make sure I walk around all of the warming trays before I take anything. Then I walk around the cold trays and the salad bar......just so I have a mental idea of what they have to offer and to adjust my portions between all of the choices . Last night I did not seem to like what they had as far as the salad bar was looking so I just passed on it all together. Wandering around the two hot islands that they had, which I think comes in total to about 45 choices to pick from. I saw some stuff that was just out of the question and others that are I just gotta have! Not wanting to be that person we all have seen at buffets with the HUGE pile on his or her plate, I just picked a couple things and way less then I believed I was going to eat.....Walking back to my table with Jen and Ali. I am looking at my plate...their plate and plates of others walking around and I am not a P.I.G. /HOG, I am good! I am though ,looking over my shoulder at the stuff left behind ,eyeing up what I might of missed and what I'm going to head back for. Cause what I have on my plate is surely not going to be enough , and I don't look like a P.I.G walking back to the table because I did that portion control thing. Definitely going back cause no salad. We had already ordered or drinks , in my case , unsweetened Ice tea , which are waiting for us at the table. I had little samples of this and that on the plate, some dumplings(2), small ribs (2) an a couple of chicken nuggets with some sort of Chinese glaze on it...oh and one small baked clam. No Bread, no salad. Well we ate and talked and sipped on our drinks and we all finished our plates at about the same time. Dam........, I am feeling full, but not too full and return with the rest of the family to the hot trays and just touring them.......not committing to anything yet!!! A couple of the things that I put on my plate the 1st time where very good and thinking I am wanting them again and others not going to make a return visit with me to the table on the second round. Well that full feeling is growing on me and I just pass on the hot trays all together. I start to turn my attention to a long cold table of deserts , cakes, puddings and self serve ice cream. All the time looking at those missed items on the hot table and then noticing they have a third table that I totally missed on the 1st go round....Dam!!! I ended up just having a cup with a little ice cream and topped with red jello. I know I had way less because it was that "All You Can eat" and just too many choices . I almost did not finish my iced tea. The meal was Good and I enjoyed the company. Thanks Jen and Ali! Back to Whats Going On In Caroga thru My" Rear Window. This has been a quite day here at the cabin, I did some of the morning chores , Jen re -cooping from her drive home from the island, the driving hurts her shoulder after her operation. Visited with a guy in Caroga who is making log trim for me . Trim not ready yet as he has not been able to get into the woods to cut down the 4 inch trees that he uses for my trim, does promise to get in there today and get it inside of his shop so it can dry. Gave him a jar of honey to help grease the wheels and he puts me and my trim at the top of the list. Stopped down to see Dave and how the maple syrup boiling was going today. Dave had a 55 gal drum of sap that he wanted to boil today but it was frozen inside of the drum and cant get it out to boil. Waiting for the sun to warm it and he will try later. I stopped down to East Caroga Lake and checked on a house for one of the seasonal people as he and his family coming up in April and they have not seem or been to the house since September when they closed up his camp. All seemed ok , lake still frozen , saw somebody walking on the lake yesterday. It wont be long now and this little town will be swelling with people. So Gang, "That's the View from My Rear Window!" Thanks to all that called or sent cards and/ or gifts for my Birthday. (P.S . Pam K., I got your phone message wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Thanks!)

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