Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nicole's Wedding Veil

This is why we bought an Styrofoam head because I was not going to be the model while Jen worked on it. If you look close you can see the little bits of glitter that Jen put on it, it's hard to see in this shot but it looks fabulous. Some grip she has.....
Some being placed
Goes on with a hot iron
Well I know that a load off Jen's head to completed it. Jen also dyed it a little using tea bags or coffee not sure so that it came closer to Nicole's dress. The veil that you see has already been ever so slight change from the Very White it was. Was a quiet day here in Caroga Lake, we did a little shopping and a visit for me to the doctors, a follow up visit after my Polyp was removed a couple of weeks ago.
the Dr. showed us the internal photo's taken while she was inside removing the Colon Polyp.
After that being found and removed ....I am no longer a "Perfect A$$Hole" any more!
I make myself laugh!!!!
Anyhow with each passing day it's warming up, 58 degrees here at 4:45 pm
The snow is really backing down but of course that brings mud and more uncovered construction garbage.
Going out to Bar-B-Q ( we retired people eat earlier)
Til Next time Gang.........Jerry


Anonymous said...

Jerry, I am going to get one of those heads for the squad room, we'll put it next to your old desk. I'll take some pics for you after it has been defaced......

FarmerJen said...

Actually, that head has come in rather handy. Jerry wasn't kidding about my grip - I recommend one of these for all retirees - it is the solution for all our "discussions".

Anonymous said...

Not the grip he thought he was going to get I'll bet!!!!
I'll take him anytime if you dont want him!!