Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We went out to dinner to an "all you can eat" and we ate all we could. I think Jerry enjoyed his birthday, as well he should. Birthdays are a big deal in our house, they always have been. Once a year, you get to be top dog, king, winner, mighty and spoiled. It works for us.
The weather has again reverted to winter - frigging cold. But at this time of year, even arctic blasts are temporary - they will be gone soon. No matter how cold it gets, I know that tomorrow may be 50 degrees. It's bearable. We're keeping ourselves busy and getting things done. But the anticipation of spring is palpable. Every day a little more grass peeks through, and the roads are widening as the snow recedes. It's good stuff.
Since last Thursday we have been drinking farm fresh home delivery milk. It is delicious. Allison took a little coaxing. She asked me yesterday if we could get "regular" milk. Not having tried the farm milk, she was definitely fearful of the differences. I explained that it is regular "pasteurized, sterilized" and perfectly normal milk. She drank it then and was satisfied that it tasted fine and wouldn't kill her. Isn't it funny how we are convinced that anything from the farm is "dirty?" We have become so used to packaged and processed food that we are mistrustful of natural and fresh products. How sad for us. Even though the porch is not finished. We are starting to use it more and more. The bar-b-que is there, and little by little decorative items are making their way out - it is also an extension of the kitchen. I placed Jerry's cake out there to cool when it was finished. This is as we intended. The porch will be an extension of the house and give us a larger living area in the summer - when overflow is at a maximum. There is nothing like sleeping on a screened porch in the summertime. There I go again, wishful thinking for warm weather. I had a touch of spring last weekend when I was down to the island. It felt like Florida! I actually was outside in a sweater and was warm enough. Warm enough in a sweater! Remarkable. People are heading to Florida for spring break - we just have to head to Long Island to feel the difference. Spring! Yahoo!

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