Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're suffering from a rewind of winter. Well, not exactly suffering. There is nothing better than burrowing into a nice warm bed when the outside temp is 10 below. That is today's plan. We're waiting on the bus, and the outerwear argument is just about to get started. Today, I stand my ground. No matter what. My goal today is to spin alpaca I'm way behind and need to really crank that spinning wheel. I'm actually thinking that one of the Snuggys would work, but really, if you just turn your robe around backwards, it's the same thing. We have this discussion all the time, the benefits of snuggys compared to your backwards robe. I'm starting to see the snuggy in different eyes. I guess that can only be attributed to Cabin Fever. Scary. I wonder what colors they come in?

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