Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The cure could kill ya

Ten below again. No comment. Yesterday was a wash. I started a new medication called Pletal. Let me tell you - three days of that stuff and I am off it forever. Whatever the benefit is not worth the side effects. Not just nausea, but mind blowing nausea reminiscent of pregancy (which by the way never lasted only three months for me - nine months was more like it). I thought I was gonna die. Anyway, that being said, today should be much improved because truthfully, it can't get much worse. I think Allison and I will venture into town for haircuts. We have found a place that we both like, which is no small task. I always had a problem on the Island because my haircuts were something of an impulse buy. I never knew in advance when I wanted a haircut, I would simply wake up in the morning and have a bad hair day, and that would establish the need for a haircut. So off I would go in search of an establishment that could take me that day. Sometimes I would find a great place on the off chance that they had an opening, and the next time I tried to go back, I would need an appointment three of four days later. TOO LATE! I NEED IT NOW! So back to the drawing board - finding a new place. Sometimes this worked out, sometimes this left me getting a haircut that I hated. All the "Walk-Ins Welcome" signs were usually just a draw to get you in to make an appointment. Or a two hour wait. Here in Johnstown, there is a "Walk Ins Welcome" place called Fantastic Sams, which is a haircut chain. And they actually prefer walk ins. That's US! And we both like the women who's done our hair in the past. So this works. As a result, I am going through the grow your hair out phase, and quite reluctant to get my hair cut at all. It figures right? I just go to get the ends done for healthy growth. How boring. It seems like a shame to waste a perfectly good hairdresser on split ends, but that is how it shall be. I have come to the conclusion that a ponytail is the best way to deal with hair here. It can be done up nicely when you're going out, and pulled back quickly when you're not. Working around with honey, spinning wheels and hopefully livestock, hair hanging in your face is not a great idea. Back out of the way and safely tied is much wiser. That being said, Jerry is growing his hair out - much longer than it has been in years. I would like to see a beard, but that's just my opinion. Maybe a moustache? Facial hair seems to mark you as an outdoors type of guy. I like that. On men. Women? Not so much. Anyway, as you can tell, we're digging pretty deep for discussion material. Winter rolls on and on. There is an old saying that you know you're old when you start discussing your medications. Hmmmm. Since we have exhausted all topics but snow today, I'll just let it go at that. News Flash - Bailey has taught himself how to open the back door and let himself in. It is really a brilliant piece of eye-paw coordination, and I couldn't be prouder. He's only been here for a month or so and already established himself as the deep-thinker of the canine population. The fact that he was able to figure this out and act on it is truly a slap in the face for Jake, who has been standing at the door for five years now (including weekends and vacations) and never figured out how to open it himself. Makes him look bad. Bailey is also quite vocal, although he rarely barks. Is that a pointer/hound trait? I have to look that up. He tends to whine and shape his mouth into what he perceives as words, and speaks to us. Jake has started to do this, although he continues to bark when needed. Jake has a window rattling bark that really gets your attention. Now with his newly acquired "whining/speaking" skill, we are getting quite alot of opinions from the floor. Daphne just continues to rule from the bed. Which is where I'm headed for awhile. Did I mention it's ten below?

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