Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, yesterday's walk left me with serious shin-splints. I just can't seem to get out of my own way. We had a lovely weekend though, and spent a good amount of time outdoors which was nice. The snow is slowly receding and patches of grass are turning up here and there. As soon as the temperature rises a bit more, we will be in the throes of mud season, which I already know is going to make me crazy. There is nothing I like less than mud. It is drearier than rain, which at least cleans everything; mud leaves everything filthy and well, just plain muddy. However, right behind that comes spring, and I am fairly excited about that one. I am already dreaming of a substantial garden, beautiful flower beds and rich brown soil. Once all that snow is gone, we'll see how the pasture fared over the winter. Hopefully, we'll have a strong base of nutrient grass and will be able to move forward with pasture animals. Won't that be a thrill? We've spoken to a number of people who feel that the "Right to Farm" law will supercede any problems that the town of Caroga may have with our livestock plan. I am gearing up for permit-attempt number two, and hope that it will be uneventful. After that comes fencing and a barn. Spring brings much work. So I am enjoying these last few weeks of winter. Soon enough we'll be outside and this party of reading, sleeping, relaxing, movies, and winter laziness will be over. I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch and watching the grass grow - literally. I do feel kind of left out today - no snow here. Apparently, the whole mess just blew around us. Jerry is happy, because that means no plowing. I never thought I'd replace People Magazine with Seed catalogs. That's a switch. Enjoy the day!

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