Monday, March 23, 2009

My Birthday!!

Well Gang , Once a year it comes around....That happening, the special day. My Birthday, 53 years Old or Young , depending on how you look at it. I awoke this morning and Jen was doing the right thing for her hubby..............,The coffee was brewing. Most of the time I'm not a Breakfast kinda guy and today even though it was offered I did not take her up on it . Just Black coffee. The kitchen table had wrapped gifts for the birthday boy. I had already opened the gift that Brian had delivered, A gift from Brian ,Ashley, Nicole and Mike......My own Hot Dog warmer, counter top device. It holds in three different compartments, what ever you would want kept warm, Hot dogs , meat sauce , onions, chilly and or the buns..... Just great and I have wanted one for a long time. Thanks guys. I am a hot dog lover and can give you the locations of 20 hot dog trucks in the area. Jen Had gone down to the Island for the weekend and Brian came up so that's why I opened That gift 1st,,,,Brian could not wait until this morning. Jen and Ali's gift to me a 3 ft standing bear holding a" Welcome" sign as you come to the house and a "Good bye" sign as you are leaving. He is in his spot now on the front porch and those of you who come to visit will run into him... , Thanks Guys. Jackie and Jessie sent up with Jen from the Island a lovely new wine opening kit with numerous bottle closers so that the wine does not go bad after being opened and stored. I'm sure I will be using the new" opener" in the kit, the storage tops to keep the wine fresh, not so much.....Wine never seems to have to be stored around here after being opened, I wonder why? Thanks guys! The phone has rung off the hook with many birthday wishes and I love that. Brian as I said was here from Friday afternoon through this morning (Monday). Jen left here Friday afternoon for the island and they passed each other on the road, one going , one coming I'm not sure if Jen and Brian worked that out so that this old guy was not here alone. Any how it appears from Jen's stories of her weekend she had a great time staying with Jackie and visiting with Walter at his apt. I'll let her tell those adventures, here are some of mine with Brian and the dogs. Brian and me hit a sportsman show with Dan in Albany. The show was underground by "The Egg"...looks more like a bowl to me. Anyhow seems money is tight and not many vender's showing up, not many people at the show either. We tried during the weekend to do some Maple Syrup boiling but just too cold to do that outside, we did gather some for the warmer weather. Made a few in woods visits to Dave's setups so that Brian could get a better handle on how it's done as he has only seen what I have posted in this blog. We made it out to the bee hives , did a little Bar-b -Qing on the front porch and visited a couple restaurants here in Caroga lake for dinner and breakfast. As I said we visited the bee hives in the Bee Yard and not much honey being made but as you can see below, the "Locals are Willing to Wait" until honey is ready. No fear here, looks very much at home and thinking maybe I could eat something else while waiting for that honey to be ready!!! Here is Brian the picky...only healthy eater......Whats that in his hand? Busted!!!!!
Can this stuff be good for you?
Brian also brought up his dog, Cojo. Cojo not use to having other dogs around and being master of his own domain
Thanks Brian...... Had a great visit! Come again! To those others who we hold Dear, come and visit, we miss you!
"THANK GUYS" to all that remembered my birthday.
Til next time Gang..........., Jerry

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