Friday, March 20, 2009

The Mice Will Play

It is officially spring. No way? way. Although it was snowing this morning and even if the sky dumped 10 inches on us, we know that it will all be gone really soon. That is what keeps us moving forward. It's easy to feel the heat of the sun on your face. And the dogs keep trying to find that sunny spot in the living room - just under the skylight and in the line of the sliding glass doors. The sunny spot. We're up one dog again - and one person. Brian is here for a visit with his dog Kujo, and we are so glad to see them both. He and I are crossing paths this weekend - I will be traveling to LI with Allison, and having my own slumber party with Jackie. Nicole's veil made the trip north with Brian, and will be completed this week. I'll be bringing it back down next weekend, just one week away from the nuptuals! How intertwined our lives have become, it's so great. Slowly as the snow melts, the construction debris is showing its presence. Since it is Friday and the dump is open at 12:00 noon, Jerry and Brian are doing the pickup thing and taking some of our yard trash away. What a relief! Our bar-b-que sent up some pretty nice pork chops last night, with a little help from Jerry. Hard to believe that the thing survived a winter encased in a snow pile, but it did. Just like the ice-man. Thawed it out and off it went! Next year, we'll know better. I'll be doing the Audio book thing on the trip down. That's one way to get them read. The Best audio book was Angela's Ashes, read by Frank McCourt himself. It was great. Well, more chores waiting for us - have a great weekend and stay outta trouble! If you see Brian and Jerry getting INTO trouble, just send 'em home. While the cats away. . .

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