Friday, February 27, 2009

Stained Glass Project !!

Back again Gang.. This is my 1st
Stained Glass Project . My Lovely Bride , Jennifer knowing that I had interest in doing Stained Glass located a Stained Glass studio in Gloversville and enrolled me as one of my Christmas gifts. Thanks Jen!
For my 1st project it's a little rough, but's my 1st. Sort of looks like "Weed"... Don't it?
Getting started Tuesday night on my 2nd project.
We are both sort of suffering here with" joint" pain ( No pun intented and we did not smoke the stained glass project...LoL ) , we are waiting for the change of weather that is coming, causing the pain. No tree tapping today because of the pending weather change.
The weather still warm and they say that we are going to hit 50 today but along with the warm weather comes rain.
Til next time gang...........Jerry

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