Friday, February 27, 2009


TGIF. We've had a very full week, and I am looking forward to a planned uneventful weekend. No road trips, no appointments, no ideas. Those are the best kinds of weekends for me. Although I have been feeling quite good lately, I must admit that my shoulder/arm has become a rather reliable barometer, and this is quite literally, a pain in the shoulder. The snow that fell this week was of the lightweight powdery type, but the weather that followed each snowfall rendered it heavy and humid. This in turn makes my shoulder hurt, alot. Which in turn makes me grumpy and unmotivated. Which in turn makes Jerry annoyed and grumpy. Which is why I say TGIF. Let's just start a new week, and put this one behind us.
I was reading my favorite blog (besides ours) The Yarn Harlot (see link on the sidebar). She is a canadian knitter/author who has a ripping sense of humor about knitting, teenagers, life in general. I get her. She is one of those people who understands why beer must sometimes be considered breakfast. Only under extreme circumstances of course, but there are days where that is simply the only possible solution to anything. Now that I am essentially unable to have any adult beverage of any type (due to the fact that I take so many medications and mixing medications with alcohol is quite possibly the most unwise choice I might ever make, in a sea of unwise choices) I do miss that resource for relaxation. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere is not simply a line that gets a good laugh. It is a viable policy based in fact. Sometimes, it just needs to be five o'clock. The reason is unimportant - if you are in that pitiable frame of mind, you need an antidote. Beer is a inspired antidote. But alas, for me, not so. Now I simply read about others antics, and enjoy them vicariously. I can have that five o'clock sensibility without actually participating. It is truly just a frame of mind. I treat myself to sparkling grape juice and kick back. It does the trick. TGIF!

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