Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caroga lake Updates

Well gang , back again and searching for substance.....of which I have none! It's another" Wunderbar" of a Day here in Caroga Lake. Sun is shining , just about 30 degrees outside, the dogs and I have taken our walk out on the frozen pasture and they have worked off the built up energy since our last walk a couple hours ago. Was thinking about making it over to the Bee Yard and checking on them...Hoping in the next couple- three hours (( MY slang)) the temperature rises up so that they take a cleansing flight . We will see. Jen and I looking to get out and soak up some sun shine. Ali has a birthday party to go to in town, one of her classmates. Yesterday we stopped by the Montgomery County Soil & Water Conservation District and placed our order for Blue Berry Bushes...20 plants for $70 , 18 to 24 inches tall. What the heck......the bears can't just live on Honey alone!!!! ( Those S.O.B. 'S) Photobucket Still ticked over them getting the hives last May... Hey, I hear, bear meat is quite "Tasty"!!!! Dan ( the Bee Guy ) and his wife, Jenny came up last night to the camp and we had dinner and watched a movie. Dan made a Pea Soup and I made.............Hamburger Helper. A great time was had by all. I thinking it's getting time to dig out that BBQ and do some Q ing. Photobucket Looks like I can open it...Just cant reach the gas tank valve. Til next time gang......Jerry

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