Friday, August 15, 2008

We are Construction Ready. Yesterday at Lowe's was productive and we are ready to go. The counter tops are ordered, and the contractor just has to come and measure. We purchased all we need for the wallpaper backsplash (I went with wallpaper instead of tile - it's much easier to change when my mind changes). Now we are waiting for our plumbing contract who said "I'll see you Friday". It's only 9:10, so we could be way jumping the gun here. Maybe he meant next Friday? We'll see. We did a drive-by at Noah's and checked on the Kitchen island. It is almost done. We needed to count how many drawer pulls we needed from Lowes, so it was an essential detour. On our way over to Lowes passing through Palatine, it was clear that it was a big day in the Amish community. Obviously, peaches had arrived from somewhere because there were buggies everywhere. We actually almost had a culture crash at a four way intersection. There were two buggies, one which which was driving quite recklessly around the cornerm, and another which had four young ladies in it. Our car, and in the opposite direction was a young man who looked like he was a "skater". He had on jeans and a biker shirt, and was walking along the road with a huge chip on his shoulder. I wondered to myself how he would respond to the Amish ladies in their buggy, because he didn't look like an upstanding guy. Just a hunch. He didn't look dangerous or anything, just chippy. We found out later that the Amish order their peaches from Pennsylvania and hire a truck to bring them to the community. This we learned from Roger of Roger's Orchard. He told us that they use the peaches to can, and that they are not what he would consider cannable. But the price is right for them. I guess if they are ordering them from Pennsylvania, they are maybe supporting another Amish peach farmer. Roger is not Amish. Peaches do not travel well, as we learned by bringing them home from Rogers in a plastic bag. By the time they were home they were slightly bruised and juicy. Not terrible, but only a 1/2 mile trip. Imagine the trip from PA? Anyway, we had fun. It was a lazy day of choices and endless discussions. Oh, by the way, we stopped at Johnstown Dodge and took a look at the pickup they had there. It was in rough shape and not exactly what Jerry was looking for, but it was a PICKUP. ARE YOU GETTING MY DRIFT? Thank you. I thought so too. He is quite a guy my Jerry. We are still looking, but I think we may have had a breakthrough here. I will keep you posted.

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