Saturday, August 16, 2008

Adirondack Living Show

We went to the Adirondack Living Show last night in Queensbury. It was held just a few miles south of Lake George. We were able to see the latest and the greatest in rustic decor and north country heating and building innovations. It was great. We were with Dan (the bee guy) and Jennie, and they are always fun to be with. We took a little side trip on the way home and cruised through Moreau State Park. It is a beautiful state park with a lake and camping facilities. The more I see state parks, the more I realize how beautiful New York is, from top to bottom. We were speaking to a volunteer at the venue where the fair was held, and she was telling us how busy they are at the sports complex. It is a dome covered field with turf (I don't know the technical name for that now) that was beautiful. When you have a three or four month growing season on the athletic fields, I guess a dome covered turf field is the way to go. She said that all types of athletics book the fields during the winter. What a great idea. There are also adult pickup soccer games or softball leagues for $10 a game. You just show up, sign up, pay up and play. All winter. I'm looking at these places with a new eye now, because as the trees are beginning to turn, I am very conscious of the weather (I slept in flannels last night!) and how quickly fall and winter will be here. I'm not pushing it along, but it is pushing me. It's cold here. If you stand in the sun, you're OK. As soon as the sun goes down, so goes the warmth. A domed field may just save me in February. We had to order our pellets this week, as the rush is on. Our kitchen cookstove will need wood, and the propane heating system is already turned on (occasionally). My snow shoes are ready, and I am knitting as fast as I can! There is probably still some summer left, but you gotta grab it fast. We may go up to the cottage today and swim in the lake. Or, we may not. First I have to get out of the flannels.

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