Thursday, August 14, 2008


We're off to Lowe's today. It's been a few weeks since we're there, and I'm starting to feel a touch of withdrawal. We need to order our kitchen countertop. We know what we want, but we have put it off for a few weeks now. I think we may be experiencing construction overload. We have alot of projects right now that could be started immediately, they just need someone to step up. No one is stepping up. Instead, I've been to the Library, just reading and knitting. Jerry is working with the bees, so he's off the hook, but neither one of us is a ball of fire. We're just taking it slow. I guess we're learning to slow down. We're not yet at northern speed, but we're contenders. We're in vehicle acquirement negotiations. That means that we are disagreeing as to the type of vehicles we need to be most productive here. We need a plow. That much we know. How the plow is purchased and what vehicle it is attached to is the big question. Jerry's Jeep (wrangler) is too small and the entire family does not fit in this vehicle, nor do we want to. It is a Jeep and very uncomfortable. The ride to Long Island in this jeep is out of the question for me, I would be in traction after such a ride. Jerry loves his jeep though. For me, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a wonderful car. However, this being the most comfortable car, good with gas and fitting the whole family, we need to keep this vehicle in good shape for as long as possible.Putting a plow on the Jeep Grand cherokee would really beat it up. So, to me the obvious swap is the Jeep Wrangler for a pickup with a back seat, and a plow. It's clearly the right answer for our needs. We NEED a pickup. Being under construction is a huge hassle when you don't have a pickup. We've had to borrow Dan the Bee Guy's pickup to get the cabinets and other construction materials. He must be sick of us by now. In addition, the pickup would fit us all comfortably if and when my Jeep is out of commission. The odds of that happening are slim, (although now that I have voiced that possibility, the Gods are surely listening and making plans to whip the hell out of my Jeep,joyously wringing their hands in anticipation) but when it happens we need a vehicle we all can fit in and be comfortable. The second car should be a pickup. The plow can go on that, and we can all face the winter knowing we have the right vehicle for the jobs at hand. How will we pick up goats in the spring without a pickup? Borrow again? I don't know. I feel this is a strong argument. Jerry will read this blog later and possibly have a different opinion. The betting windows will open at noon. This I am finding out is what retirees do alot. We discuss stuff. Over and Over. We examine every side of every issue, because we have time to do that. We can look at vehicles and go back and look again. And Again, And Again. We will be discussing this issue until October when it snows. Then we might make a decision. Why rush? We welcome any opinions. e-mail us at and let us know your opinion. Just like the GPS, other opinions in an already crowded field of opinions are always welcome. This is the stuff that retirement is made of. I can't wait to get to Lowe's. They have choices too. And really, how will we get it all home? Help.

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Go with the Pick Up, that bee venom must be clouding Jerry's mind.