Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Olympics

We've been watching the Olympics for nearly two weeks now. I used to be quite an olympic afficionado, but somehow I've lost interest through the years. I am more cynical and jaded than I used to be. It seems that money rules, and the country with the most money wins. I don't want to negate the accomplishments of the athletes. They are incredibly talented and dedicated. But the true spirit of the olympics is a little cloudy now. You used to have to be an amateur to compete. Now that rule is out the window. Of course, the athletes are the best there is, but was that the spirit of the games? I don't think so. Anyway, I have been catching bits here and there, but not glued to the TV like I was in 76 or 80. Jerry is watching alot of it. He likes it more than I do. I am still tuning into Home and Garden as though it were new. I love watching what people do to their homes. It is the olympics of renovation. Still, money wins there too, but there is more room for creativity. It is a challenge of sorts, to be able to decorate and complete your renovation without spending a million dollars. It would be easy to spend, if you had it. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately-the jury is still out on that one)we are looking for more creative solutions than expensive ones. On the ride home yesterday, I decided that our car smelled bad. Like dog. Of course, the two of them were riding in the back seat, as usual. Jerry pointed out that Jake was breathing down my neck, literally. Now, although I love Jake dearly, he is a genital licking-horse pie eating (i've seen him!)dung sniffing dog. I don't kiss him anymore. Maybe on the top of his head, but that's as close as I get. Obviously, his breath stinks. He rode this way the whole way home. Actually, Jake believes that I am in his seat, and you can hear him huffing and puffing the entire ride. He is clearly miffed that he is in the back seat and I, low man on the pack list, sits in front. He defers to Jerry, he ignoresme. Although he is my protector, I believe he thinks it is his job, not something he does out of love. At one point he turned his back on us and gazed out the back window. Just a small statement from the canine gallery. He's a pistol. These are slow days at Blue Line Farm. We're literally watching the grass grow. Hopefully. We had alot of rain last night, and every day brings another patch of newly sprung seed. The pasture is looking great in some spots, and not so great in others. It's our first go at seeding pasture, so it may be a trial and error thing. I can't help but think it's not brain surgery. I've seeded bare patches of lawn for years, and always just assumed it would take. It always has. Now that it really matters, doubts are creeping in. Jerry has farming in his blood. I do not. Not that I'm aware of anyway. We both have alot to learn. I guess it's better to learn on grass seed than on an animal. I am reading everything I can on raising livestock, and I am picking up alot of information. We will be farmers, and we will also be taking on alot of formally veterinarian tasks. I have only helped deliver a litter of kittens, once, a long long time ago. I was actually helping because they were breech, but I did it. I hope I have the same instinctual talents that I had at 12 when the animals come. We'll find out won't we? Well, watch your grass grow, and have a great day. Bye Bye!

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