Monday, August 18, 2008

As seen in Sunday's Leader Herald: Sex Addicts Anonymous - to be held Monday at 7:00 P.M. Men Only. Probably a good idea. Men only. We've been away and we're back now. Went to PA to visit Jerry's Mom. That is always a great trip-we adore her and look forward to our visits. Never long enough. Summer vacation is winding down. It is evident everywhere you look. there was actual trailer traffic on the throughway - people heading south. Never a good sign, although this year I'm actually anticipating fall in a good way. I am looking foward to the leaves turning, and the visitors that brings. Hopefully, we will have lots of leaf peepers this year. Allison's swim team is gearing up and starts practicing in two days. She has bravely signed on for Swim Team, even though she is a new student and knows no one. I give her lots of credit. It's so hard to watch your kids go back to school each fall. More than a birthday, the first day of school is a real mile marker in our children's lives. It gives you a visual memory for each year of their life. Birthdays tend to get lumped together, but first days of school are vivid in my mind. My own, and my children's. I can remember what i wore to school the first day of kindergarten. I remember what Jackie and Walter and Allison all wore their first days of school. it just sticks in my mind. Another year goes by. . . We are anxiously awaiting the Fulton County Fair, which is held Labor Day Weekend at the Fulton County fairgrounds. If you've ever been to our house, it is the fairgrounds that are right off Exit 28 off Route 90. The best part for us is the livestock. To see all the animals that are cared for and thriving is just an amazing sight. Of course there are the rides and the stock care races and all of that, but the animals are it for me. Maybe Next year we'll have entries, but this year we will just gawk. The 4-H clubs always have amazing entries, and it is like stepping back in time. It also marks the end of summer for farmers and their livestock. I do hope the pasture gets enough warmth and sun to really get a couple of weeks of growth in before the cold nights start. The skies are strikingly clear,and crisp. Flannels are back in style, and wool socks are making an appearance again. I know it's only August 18th, but it feels like fall. When exactly is Indian Summer? I'm not sure, but maybe here it will be the first few weeks of September? It could be, cause right now I'm cold. Isn't that what comes first?

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