Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This rocks!

Tonight, after finishing dinner, we decided to head to the river to "borrow" some river rocks for our wood stove platform. At $17.00 per linear foot, the cultured stone option is not working for us. Not to mention that the river is LOADED with rocks, and they're FREE! How Brilliant is this idea? I thought so too. By the way, it was MY idea. Not that it matters at all, but it was mine. I was a little uneasy going to the river, but the reality is we have river on our property, we just couldn't get the car there. And I was not carrying 100 lbs. of rocks the 1/2 mile from the river, at dusk, with my shoulder injury. Jerry was game, I voted for the car. On the way our car passed a pretty Deer and her babies. So cute. Anyway, we found a good place to back up the Jeep and headed down to the river to pick our rocks. They were plentiful, beautiful and VERY heavy. We were both initially being very picky. Really looking for the perfect rock, and bypassing some perfectly adequate rocks to get to others. Then as time went on, we realized how foolish this is. In order to complete a platform for the wood stove, we need ALOT of rocks. I will be a 3 or four foot platform with rocks that climb up the wall to a mantle level. That's when we started being a little less descriminating. Now we have about 8 square feet of ROCKS!!!!!! We're on our way! We have until the river freezes (a couple of months or so) to keep collecting as many rocks as we can. Beats the heck out of $17. a linear foot. And they are much prettier. I'm hoping we don't get picked up for rock theft. That would be so awkward. And then we'd have to come up with another rock plan. So far,this plan is working beautifully. I love free stuff, don't you? We have a long way to go before we have enough river rocks to finish the fireplace project. We probably won't take it on until next spring. Until then, we'll just collect rocks. For right now, we have plenty of pellets for the winter. They are talking about the temperature going down into the 30s tonight. It's all about the weather, you know? We're getting weird. But we're warm.

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