Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Time

We arrived back home last night at 7:30 PM. According to Jerry, we made good time, which is quite amazing since I was driving. Actually, we got out of the Long Island rush hour just ahead of it. We were on Route 84 heading west at 5:pm. Not bad. We're always afraid to say the traffic isn't bad, when we're on the road, because once those words are uttered, it comes to a dead stop. So the entire trip we said very little. The obvious words were "traffic is great", because that is how it was, but we were both afraid to say it. I don't like to mess with the Traffic Gods. They don't like to be toyed with. I only made "good time" because Jerry is was the passenger. As you know, I always have the urge to take a road I've never noticed and see where it goes. I used to do that alot when the kids were small. Just turn off the main road onto an unknown side road and take that for awhile. I learned some fantastic shortcuts that way, and also got to see some amazing things I would never have found otherwise, but it is a time consuming and reckless day waster. Not something I could do with Jerry in the car. Even under the effects of vicodin after root canal, he still remained wide awake and observant. I don't think he trusts my driving, but would never admit it. Just says he's not tired. Vicodin? 3 1/2 hr road trip? come on. I would have been drooing out the side window. But not Jerry. He just laid his head back and watched the road. And me. I thought about turning off a side road, because once you're behind the wheel, you're in control. It's a dizzying sense of power. I began to think of all the antiques stores and gift shops we were completely unaware of north of Westchester. I got past that mindset and stayed on the Taconic Parkway. Next time. The dogs are happy to be here, and Jerry is back to bee-work today. Somewhere near Glens Falls. The grass on the pasture has not yet "burst", but there is a definite green tinge to it. I notice last night that the pasture was the first place Jake ran to when he jumped out of the car. Of course there are eight OTHER acres he could have peed on, but he felt the need to pee on the newly seeded pasture. Oh well. Once the livestock fence is up, that won't be an option for him. Although the grass is always greener on the other side, it only matters if you have a key to the gate. He won't. The trip home with Jake and Daphne was pretty funny. They were alone in the back seat (no Allison) and so it was like two teenagers who aren't speaking. Each gazing out their own window, no one acknowledging the other's existence. It reminded me of traveling when I was younger. Always making sure your feet or legs didn't touch the offensive other party's body parts. It was a real effort in self control. Both dogs showed incredible self control, even sleeping through much of the trip without crossing the invisible line drawn down the middle of the back seat. Once we were home, they reverted back to their silent war. It was different while we were at Jackie's. There, they are united in their indifference towards Blue. Both of them are incredibly interested and want to play with him, but they won't show it - they are locked into their indifference in order to maintain an edge. That sometimes goes away, but it was a quick trip this time. There wasn't enough time for them to break through the barriers. Everyone is back home, and we all had our family fix. It helps alot to get back to Long Island when we can. I miss everyone there, and especially family. But we are here, and they are not, so the best solution is to hop in the car and make good time.

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