Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rainy Day

Well I think that it's time you heard from the other side of this team. Raining here in Caroga and workman working on the house so I have some time to get involved in this blog. Checked on the Bees this morning but not much going on with them...they don't like the rain so much,best to leave them alone in this weather. Jen's enjoying retirement....out shopping as I type. As you may or may not know,I have been busy with my new career, Raising Bees, selling Honey and Bee removals from homes, farms and trees. That part of "Blue Line farm and Apiary " seems to be well on its way! The fiber part is moving along as we are working towards getting some livestock on the property, some obstacles to over come. We will either have Livestock on the property or some very expensive lawn area to play horse shoes on. Ali has started to adjust to this new life, she has been taking horse back riding lessons and involved in a theater group in Gloversville. The best part of her summer has been that she has learned to "Sleep well into the Afternoon". My partner "Beek" (meaning BeeKeeper) Dan and I are heading off to Albany near the Capital Building to do a Bee Removal on Monday. Last week Dan and I did a removal from an old farm house on the Albany Airport property which was about 100 Ft from the runway landing strip. We took out about 5 Lbs of bees. The farm house for some reason was being saved and needed to be moved further away from the landing strip. I did not understand why it was being moved...this had not been a stable building for a long time. The fact that a lot of termites had been holding hands caused this farm house to still be standing. The workers involved in moving this "Pile of Wood and termites" would not touch it until we took the bees out. I think we did the bees a favor! I took some pictures and as soon as I figure how to get them out of my phone and into the computer I will post them. In the mean time here is a picture of me working on one of the hives.

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