Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mars and Venus, brass or brushed nickel?

We've been to Lowe's. It's quite possible that their stock has risen dramatically. We shopped till we dropped, and accomplished great things. The material for the bathroom is now fully on board, and we are ready to move ahead. This was not without its traumas and disagreements. Mars and Venus should not be allowed to shop together. It's not that anyone is WRONG necessarily, it's just that we think completely differently. We do not speak the same language, nor do we understand each other. It is cause for confusion and frustration. Add that to the fact that according to Lowe's, brass is the new stainless steel. WTF? I just spent the better part of two decades eliminating brass from my decorating mentality. Although I am fond of brass, I have been led to believe that it is very 80's. I happen to have liked the 80s. Shoulder pads are still a good idea. They always will be. But the brass I have come to understand is a decorating faux pas that is at the very base of undesirable. I got it. And now they are changing it on me? They must do that when the stainless market has been saturated. "OK, they've bought all the stainless we have to offer. . . let's change!" After deciding that I just didn't care, I was going to go with brushed nickel, we found the right lighting fixtures and them moved on to lightbulbs. 40 or 60 watt? Incandescent or flourescent. Now the only thing I know for sure is that fluourescent is not flattering, to anyone. So that was easy. Actually, I prefer low lighting with dimmers. The dimmer it gets, the better I look. That holds true with everyone. I think the whole world should be on a dimmer. It's just better that way. Anyway, we got it all, brushed nickel, and we got out of there without killing each other. This renovation thing is exciting, but hazardous. There are so many places to get caught up in opinions. Compromise is essential to our well being. Sometimes it matters more to one or the other, and that's when it pays to give in. We usually know how to communicate with the other, and let each other know when "this one matters to me, can you give in?" Generally, that doesn't happen at the same time. Generally. We're at loggerheads with bedroom paint colors, but we've got time for that. Today, I just want to make sure the bathroom gets done. One room at a time. Yes dear. On the way home we stopped at the beer distributor for some Blue Moon Honeymoon blend. Good idea. We're going to need it.

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