Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today is an indoor day. I remember hating that when recess was cancelled. Indoor day meant crowded gymnasiums and loud games. I'm much happier now when we call an indoor day. It is coffee in bed and good movies. We were busy yesterday though. The carpenter was here to begin the laundry (not a moment too soon - my back is hurting) room. It looks closer to paint than any other room in the house. Dan-Dave the excavator was here yesterday too. He is beginning the process of plowing under the tree tops to allow for pasture. His bobcat was a big change from Amish Dan's Morgans, but just as happily received. We are experiencing progress. It's exciting and a little scary. I have never been busier, and never felt more relaxed. Jerry is keeping busy with his bees, and the progress is showing in the apiary as well. We are up to five hives that are thriving. He is hoping to reach ten this year, and we will have a substantial honey harvest. That is good news. The electric fence seems to be working. We haven't seen hide nor hair (that term has taken on new meaning) of the three bears, and the honey is accumulating daily. The real test will be NEXT May when they come out of hibernation again. I think next year Jerry will be camping in the woods with his gun. Just a hunch. We are heading out to Noah's today, since it is raining. We'll see how far along he is with our cabinets. Last week, he was halfway done. The workmanship is fantastic, and they are beautiful! Soon we can put away all our sundries (does anyone use that word anymore?) It's opening day at Saratoga, although the races will not likely be running. What a shame. These communities here depend on summer business to make a go of it. The weather can be cruel to so many Mom and Pops that don't do well when the tourism is down. It is much like the east end. I've even heard of people moving out of their homes and renting them for the month of August. It can be so lucrative that that is their annual income. They move in with family and benefit from Saratoga's visitors. Not a bad idea. hmmmmm. The spinning and knitting continues. Allison continues to sleep. Life is good at Blue Line Farm and Apiary.

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