Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just thoughts

I've had a bit of feedback from some friends, and I love it! It's so great to hear people's opinions of what you write. It keeps you honest and motivated. Keep those comments coming. I love them all. Jerry is off to another bee job today. He brought in two swarms last week and it appears that they have set up shop in the hives. That is great news. It is busy as bees over in the bee yard. The nearest neighbors are the cemetary at North Bush Methodist Church, which is next door. Our property runs behind the church's cemetary, and that is where we have placed the bee yard. We figured we'd get less complaints that way. Although it may be a little daunting for the friends and family of the newly deceased, as they do spend a little collective time in the cemetary. But if you don't look too closely behind the massive pine tree, you'd never know the bees were there. That's the theory. One half of the kitchen paneling is done. We are just waiting on the cabinets from Amish Noah. We stopped by the other day to drop off the hardware and check on the progress. He is better than half way done, and they are absolutely beautiful. The workshop smells wonderful - sawdust! We always seem to get there when he is having lunch. And when I realized that we always take a ride down after lunch, I checked a clock in the shop to see what time he was eating so we didn't disturb again. One hour behind. That's right, they don't observe daylight savings. Now, wasn't that put into place to help the farmers? That's what I was always told. Noah said it doesn't help him one bit. The cows don't abide by the change, so neither does he. Just works through it while all us "farmers" are enjoying the extended daylight. I guess it might have been put in place to assist Harrows or something. Seems to me the barbeques are being more aided then the farmers. I love Daylight Savings, because it is lighter until close to 9 PM. We do get more done, and I feel like I should be doing more. It motivates me. We are so easily fooled. Our friend Eric lived in Alaska for quite a few years, and he said that the 24 hour sun cycle would mean you could be playing volleyball at two in the morning and not realize what time it was. That would be a little much for me. I like nighttime at SOME point. I sleep better in the dark. But it all changes anyway, so everyone gets their shot. These are the things that go through your mind when you're a bee widow. Scary eh? Have a good day.

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