Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blue Line Farm

Someone asked me how we came up with the name Blue Line Farm. As you may know, the perimeter of the Adirondack Park is called the Blue Line. Within it are six million acres of forever wild land. If you reside inside the blue line, you are governed not only by your particular municipality, but also by the Adirondack Park Agency, whose zoning and environmental protection laws are sacred. This blue line runs through the base of our nine acre property. It is called Peck's Creek (crick if you are an upstater)and the blue line follows the creek along the back. Our House is approximately 40 feet over the Blue Line within the Adirondack Park. The Police also have a brotherhood that is referred to as the Blue Line. According to Wikipedia, the Thin Blue Line is a colloquial term for police and police forces. The term derives from The Thin Red Line and suggests that a thin line of police officers is all that prevents civilized society from descending into chaos. Boy ain't that the truth. The Thin Blue line can also refer to the brotherhood of the profession. It shows the bond of police officers, and the symbol is taken very seriously among most police officers. The term is also sometimes used as a pejorative against police who cover up criminal activity of fellow officers. So, when we were deciding on a name for the farm, it just seemed like the obvious choice, seeing as the blue line runs right through the property. Kind of like a bow to both our connections. The new blue line and the old blue line. And, in case you didn't know by now, Apiary means bee yard. So there you have it. Blue Line Farm and Apiary. Hopefully, the farm will have livestock by next year. The pasture is clear and starts to get excavated next week. If the APA rules against the livestock we will have a wicked bocce court or an excellent place to play volleyball. I'm hoping for the livestock OK. Angora Goats and Alpaca. This way I can spin to my hearts content while Jerry manages his bees. Blue Line Farm and Apiary, that's us.

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Anonymous said...

I understand that NY State has a right to farm law. You might also want to be aware of the Lewis Farm lawsuit against APA in Essex County, now in the courts.