Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Four Seasons

They say the four seasons here in the Adirondacks are Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Construction. We are midway through the Construction Season, and way behind. We took a drive to Amsterdam yesterday to pick up construction material. paneling, glue, nails, etc. We pulled up to the Lowes at 8:30 a.m. and were not sure if the place was open, it was that empty. The parking lot had about 6 cars in it, and one guy was sitting in his car. We thought for a moment they hadn't opened yet, and then remembered that life here is a little different. It's just not crowded. Even Lowes. We went inside and had help from four different assistants who were just WAITING for us to ask for something. It was lovely. After loading the car with stuff we started back and it struck me just how lucky we are. The views and vistas from the car for a routine trip to the store are magnificent. The whole trip is not just a destination goal, but a journey unto itself. The farms and fields and mountains are breathtakingly beautiful. They are vacation worthy. And we're not on vacation. Which begs the question, where do you go on vacation when you live in paradise? Where do Hawaiians go? Do they pack up their suitcases to get away from it all? Where is their destination? I'm inclined to think I'm staying here. I can't imagine any where else that would soothe the savage soul like the mountains. Of course, it is fly season and we're getting killed, but even that has a solution. The bigger the campfire, the less the insects will hover. It is a known fact that "moth to flame" has its origin in a campfire. When you see a moth deliberately fly into the flame, even with the heat warning it from two feet away, you realize how intoxicating it is. I'm not jumping in, but i'm enjoying it from a very close distance. The heat is cozy on a cool night, and the stars are within reach overhead. There is nothing like it, anywhere. Which is why most days, I'm just grateful. It's that simple.

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