Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's humiliate the dogs day!

Good morning. Without much to report on the renovation projects because it is Saturday, I'm stooping really low. The dogs are a big part of our lives. All of our lives. They are part of our family, and as such, also have accessories and apparel. That being said, I'll share. This is Jake. He is part lab, part great dane. He is the best dog in the world. His personality is so mellow that he allows Daphne (more on her later) to completely demoralize and abuse him. She is in charge of who sleeps where, who eats first and who gets all the toys. Jake just does what he's told. Like I said, he's mellow. His wardrobe is limited, as he is quite large and not easy to fit. Here he is in his hunting season poncho. Here in the Adirondacks it is wise to outfit your dog in hunter's orange as anything moving is likely to be a target. We don't walk the property much during hunting season, and I may consider a hunter's orange poncho for myself. It may be a wise choice for all of us. As I said, Daphne is a real charmer. Her personality changes with her audience. When we are at home alone, she rules the roost. She can change from a tail wagging sweetheart of a dog to a snarling growing beast - but only to Jake. Everyone else is shown Daphne's sweet side,and everyone falls in love with her. She is not attractive in the classic sense. It's like a jack russel with feet attached to the body. No legs. She is also a shelter dog, a jack russel/chihuahua mix. She's a little bit rotund, which only adds to her charm. Because she is a small dog, she does have apparel. In fact, she has luggage. Her wardrobe consists of parkas, turtleneck sweaters, a burberry raincoat and of course, lingerie. This picture is Daphne on Christmas morning after she received a pink negligie. Clearly, she is thrilled. Our newest family member, Blue, is Jackie and Jesse's pride and joy. He is, as she says, a rock star. Everywhere Blue goes, he is happy to meet you and participating in everything. I was never a big fan of chihuahuas, but Daphne and Blue have changed my mind. They understand each other and easily communicate. When we are all together poor Jake just tolerates the little dogs. But we adore Blue. Because he is tiny (maybe 3 or 4 pounds) he has the most complete wardrobe of all. Of course, having a Mother who is totally fashion savvy means that Blue is decked out no matter where he goes. He has t-shirts and hats and anything the well-dressed dog could possibly want. He is shown here in his winter gear-which means he is well prepared for winter in the adirondacks. We're counting on seeing Blue alot! He looks ready for a real winter! Last but certainly not least is Otis. The Patriarch of the dog family. We think Otis may be, at 13 1/2, the oldest living Boxer. He is Clint and Joanne's sonny boy, and he is loved by all. As boxers have a life expectancy of 9 years, Otis at 13 is a testament to clean living and lots of exercise. He has been a faithful friend and good soul all his life. Otis is not a big fan of apparel. Being dignified, he has no use or need for the outfits and accessories of the trendy, but young. However, we recently discovered that Otis clearly resembles a tragic figure featured in this summer's biggest movie blockbuster. Heath Ledger. After making this connection, I cannot look at Otis without being reminded of this uncanny resemblance. He is a dead ringer: Or, as Clint says, Heath Ledger looks like Otis. These are our dog family. I hope you enjoyed meeting them all. They are our best friends, and deserved a blog. We have no pictures (yet! of Brian's Cujo, or Nicole's kittens and cats, but as you can see, we are all animal lovers. Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

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