Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring thoughts

Hey friends! The blogging has been hard due to the arthritis in my hands. Sometimes typing is not the most favorite activity to choose. And so, I choose to read. Lately I've been tearing through books very fast. Some good, some great, some I don't get past the first chapter. I can usually tell by the first chapter whether or not a book will hold my attention. Either its the style of writing or the content. Some books I choose thinking it will be the best read ever, and after just a few pages I'm gone. It's hard to tell. But the truth is, I can usually tell a book by its cover. I know that is not the way its supposed to go, but I can look at a book's cover, read the back summary and usually know whether or not I'm interested to read any further. The great books I have read lately are "Water for Elephants". I recommend this book highly. It was hugely entertaining. The story of a young man who loses his parents and decides to head out with a circus. It's a wonderful story and is in the process of being made into a movie with Reese Witherspoon and Rober Pattison. I saw the coming attractions when I went to see another movie. It looks promising. I am now reading "the girl with the dragon tatoo". I have had this book recommended to me for months, but just started it yesterday. It's great. The beauty of winter, for me, is that I can settle into my comfortable chair and decide what it is I want to do today. The day is mine. I have been crocheting as well, because it doesn't require the nimble fingers that knitting does. I'm hoping that the warm weather that comes with spring will bring the relief for my hands and legs, but for now, it's one book after another. On another note, Daphne is thriving with her insulin shots. She seems much better. The other dogs are sleeping alot too. I guess winter has that effect on all of us. Hang in there. Today I planted some herbs for the kitchen, in little glass containers. Getting my hands in the potting soil was very therapeutic, and I recommend it. Plant something in your window. Soon it will be blooming with the rest of the stuff outdoors. I'm sure of that. It happens every year, just when I think I cannot stand another moment of dirty snow. Something will smell fresh and soily, and it is spring. I'm counting on it.

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