Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm not a betting man, but. . .

It's twilight now, my favorite of the day. The trees look like black lace against the violet sky. We are snuggled in Allison and I, and the day was perfectly relaxing. Allison resting with a stomach bug, me resting with all of it, and Daphne resting while absorbing her new insulin program. Daphne, it was discovered on Monday, is diabetic. In addition to losing six pounds, she has also been sleeping alot, peeing alot and drinking alot. You would have thought with these symptoms that I would be the one who diagnosed it. But it was a blood test. I feel kind of bad. Actually, let me correct that and say I feel quite bad about it. For Daphne to lose six pounds requires alot-she was only twenty pounds to begin with. You would think I would have noticed sooner. But, I didn't. I wondered what was wrong with her, but I didn't come right out and say "diabetes, that's it". She deserves better from me, her diabetic Mother. My first concern when I heard they were calling in her prescriptions (what pharmacy do you use?) was whether or not the pharmacist would think I had thrown in the towel with my regular physicians and decided to seek treatment from the local veterinarian. What would you suspect if a regular customer who had been treated for everything over the past few months (sheesh, what does this broad have? she's taking all kinds of medications and now this? a new insulin and syringes? what happened to the pump?) I would be thinking these questions if I were the pharmacist, and yet they just efficiently filled Daphne's prescriptions and then I also picked up a few of mine that were waiting. So all in one bag goes the dogs prescriptions and my prescriptions. I am having some trouble with this. It seems sort of off to my sensibilities that the dog and I are getting our medications from the same source. I am trying to be more loving about this, Daphne is of course my baby, but something feels not quite right. Should I now be making my hair appointments at Shampoodles? Although, feeling dog tired has been a complaint of mine for some time. And I know when I go out and don't really put my best foot forward, the sentiment that "she's a dog" would not be terribly far off. I have my moments for sure. We got home and nto the fridge went Daphne's insulin, right next to MY insulin and again the thought occurred to me that possible cross-medication could occur, especially when I'm not feeling myself and have to set-up my pump meds. Sometimes when my blood sugar gets low I get a little "off-center" as we like to say around here. For example, last Sunday when we picked Allison up in Newburgh and brought her home, we made a side trip to Albany and the chrismas tree shop. While there, I started to feel a little low and took some glucose tabs. By the time we got to Petco to pick up some dog supplies, I was hovering around 50. That is a dangerous number for me because I begin to make decisions that have no basis in reality. I purchased a life preserver for Bailey that I am quite sure will never be worn. First of all, the dog knows how to swim. Secondly, this is not the face of a dog who will be wearing the life-jacket. Ever. The rationale for purchasing a life jacket in the middle of January escapes me at the moment, but I'm sure at the time it felt right. I am always so grateful to my family for going along with things and not pointing out my diabetic delusions to the cashier. But we managed to get home with all our purchases. My point is that when my blood sugar is low, I get confused. And now that we have syringes and insulin in the refrigerator right alongside mine, I am trying to be extra diligent in my blood sugar testing. Getting low blood sugars could be disastrous. In the meantime, I will make sure that Daphne will get her injections on time, and hopefully, all will go smoothly. What are those odds?

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