Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 - Nothing's Changed

In an effort to follow my resolution, which I am smart enough to say "I hope to" instead of "going to", today I went for a brisk walk in the pasture, which "I hope to to every day". I made this resolution because it will be a good goal for me, and it won't kill the dogs either. It is a small enough goal in that Jake can do it without hurting himself, and Daphne SHOULD do it because she is so fat her belly hangs over her feet when she sits down. My weight is stable, which is good, but I think I need to get out there more every day, and if I have a problem, walking in the pasture keeps me within eyesight of the house, and in case I have trouble, they will find me eventually. See how optimistic I am? Anyway, the walk went something like this. . . "Come on kids, good boys, what a good girl, that's it, you're doing great, stay together now, Don't go over there Daphne, stay here sweetie, Daphne come with me honey, Daphne stay out of there, come here baby, that's a good girl, come on, come on Daphne, Daphne honey, Come here honey bunch, get out of there. Daphne, Get Over Here Daphne, Come Here Daphne, GET OVER HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT! GIT! GIT! YOU BETTER RUN! DAPHNE!!!!!!" I end up RUNNING in the pasture, which was not my intention. A nice brisk walk was what I was going for! She gets her cookie anyway, but I make her wait until the other two have had theirs, and she works herself into a fat little snit, thinking she won't get a cookie. And the tragedy is, she doesn't even LIKE these cookies, but she likes to guard them from the other dogs. She sits next to the cookie in the living room and torments Bailey, not eating it, just staring at it, then at him. Just watching it and barking if anyone comes near her cookie. He eventually gets it because she will get bored and walk away. He then sneaks over and grabs her cookie. Jake doesn't play this game. He takes his cookie and goes directly into his room (which is our room too but that is a small detail) and lays down. He is smart. That is what I WOULD LIKE TO DO! Walking in the pasture makes me tired, and as soon as I get Bailey off my seat, I will lay down. I must be out of my mind! Happy New Year.

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