Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lyme Disease

That's right. Lyme Disease. Although this blog did not start out as a follow Jen's ailments blog, it has become such a blog, and I am horrified. The fact is, my ailments have become the focus of ALOT of things in my life, and hard as I try to get around that, it keeps poking me in the head to get my attention. Ouch! Well, today I went to my primary care physician, to follow up some bloodwork tests that were done, and sure enough, I tested positive for Lyme Disease. All I know about Lyme (or knew I should say, I've been on the computer for hours) was that it was a tick bite disease. The side effects, as written, read as a commentary of everything that is wrong with me. So, this is good news in that we will now be treating the culprit of all these symptoms. With a course of appropriate antibiotics, and adequate pain meds. I am reading all the sides that come with the meds, and to say that I am overwhelmed would be putting a positive spin on this. I have read some blogs about lyme disease, and I can promise you that this will not become a dedicated blog. It is a boring litany of ailments, all of which I agree with, but shall keep to myself as much as possible. My New Year's resolution (I'm breaking the resolution of 2006 that said I would not make New Year's resolutions - not a total failure - four years) that I will write much more than I have been, and I will find more interesting topics. This was decided yesterday, before this news of Lyme. And so, I am allowing a 24 wallowing period, and this is part of it. Poor Jerry-he's in for a long night. I keep singing the Celebrex song. All of these meds warn against suicidal thoughts. I don't think it's the meds that cause suicidal thoughts, I think it is only the fact that you are taking so many meds . . . That's a joke. I realize it is no laughing matter, but as I pointed out to Jerry long ago - "If I wanted to commit suicide-I'd STOP taking all my meds. I'd probably be dead in an hour". Maybe not, but I thought it was an astute observation. Our snow is melting as fast as Long Island's is piling up. For those who are shoveling, my condolences. To those who are waiting for the slopes to unmush-my condolences. The grass is always greener they say.

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