Monday, October 18, 2010

Planning ahead

It's an orange kind of world out there. We're been snapping pictures here and there because the foliage is just beautiful. In my travels I managed to get a quick shot of the turkeys running from the woods on the right, across the road in front of my car, and into the woods on the left. The next logical picture was the cars on the right, belonging to the hunters in the woods. Now, it isn't turkey season, but the turkeys weren't taking any chances. It was kind of funny to see them hightailing it outta there. Never let it be said that turkeys aren't smart. Now hunters? That's another story. . . We spent the last weekend wallpapering, medicating and wallpaper. Not in that order. The up and down of the ladder action is what does me in. Crouching and bending and pasting and brushing, it's all outside of my comfort zone of forward recliner, reverse recliner. I am hurting. Jerry bounces back like nothing. He was my assistant and that required alot of here and there. I am not an easy taskmaster. Now that this room is done, my eyes are wandering around thinking. . . where else? I happen to be a big fan of wallpaper. Thankfully, I hear it is coming back into vogue-not that it ever went out in my world. My world is also showing lots of "holiday lights" going up on houses. This is, as you know, not acceptable to Allison. However, now that we've been here for a few winters, we are beginning to understand the rationale behind this early decorating trend. Cold. The desire to get the christmas lights up prior to the first snow is what necessitates putting the lights up by October 15th, because hereafter, it's a crapshoot. They called for light snow last Friday night. I don't know if that happened because Friday night for me was a wash. I retired on the early side. But Saturday morning was quite brisk and the frost was clear to the naked eye. When Daphne runs out on to the porch and turns around and runs back in, you know it is cold. She and I are more like soul mates than I care to admit. So, the big chore is done, and now we look forward to feathering the nest in the guest room. Hopefully, it will see alot of activity this winter. Skiing anyone?

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