Monday, November 1, 2010

Boo Humbug

I was not feeling the Halloween thing yesterday, at all. I had decorated and made plans, and was in the process of preparing a delicious butternut squash soup, when the whole day fell apart and destroyed my Halloween happiness. It started out as a lovely day. Jerry and I made church, which always makes me happy. We're not always "at em" by 10:00. We're "up", but "at em" is another story. We came home and had a bite to eat (because we had just visited the gluton-free store in Johnstown ( I was having a lovely time. After that, we stepped outside and began to hang our folk art stars on the siding - the last touch we had been waiting for. It began to snow. That's right, the real thing. It actually carried on like this for quite a while - at least an hour. Nothing stuck to the ground, but our deck was holding on to what looked like hail. It was pretty, and the fact that it wasn't sticking was just an added bonus - I'm not quite ready for that. We stood outside and just enjoyed the cold snappy weather. Jerry was working harder than I was (as usual) but I was cheering him on and giving directions with my "eye". I have a perfect eye when it comes to balance and level. Just one of my many talents. If you asked me to look at something and level it, I will be quite dead on without too much of a challenge. But, again I digress. At that point, the thought of nice hot fresh butternut squash soup was exactly what we needed for dinner. With the prep for gluton-free cornbread ready, I went into the house to prepare our delicious dinner. All the chopping and peeling and preparation went on for about 45 minutes (butternut squash rank up there with rutabaga in the pain in the neck chopping department - but totally worth it). I added the other ingredients and simmered for 45 minutes. The house smelled delicious. Now, for years I have looked at the immersible blenders (the kind you hold in your hand and immerse into your soup or mashed potatoes or whatever) and thought "that's ridiculous - we have a blender". And so, to the blender I went for the last step in this fabulous soup. At this poin my mouth is watering, the house smells like heaven and I'm hungry. The triple threat of culinary success. I poured the entire contents of the dutch oven into the blender,(hot-wow was it hot), secured the rubber top carefully, checked all the various buttons for puree and let her rip. Fantastic! After a few seconds, I turned it off, lifted the top and tasted this wonderful soup - it was perfect! didn't need any further seasoning - maybe a few more seconds in the blender and we were ready! I again secured the rubber top, and hit Puree. This time, the top was not as secure as the first time, and turning it on made some soup spit out the side. I pushed down on the little plastic top that is in the center of the cover, (removable so you can add ingredients while blending). Well, as wel all know, heat expands. you didn't know? Well, it does. And the heat of the soup had expanded the rubber opening so the little plastic top went PLOP into the soup. As I turned off the blender I could hear the grinding sound of the little plastic top. And when I poured it back into the dutch oven so I could pull out the plastic top, I could see that it was in shards, and that many pieces were missing, and now were the last ingredient in my perfect soup. I thought of straining it, but shards are kind of a problem. You never eally know how small they are. And so, in one culinary moment my perfect soup, which still smelled pretty darn good, was in the sink and down the drain. Never have I been so disgusted or disappointed in the process of cooking. All that work wasted! I was not a happy camper. Jerry (in his infinite wisdom of leaving when I get this way) went to price chopper and picked up a new dinner. Cooked chicken, broccoli raab (sp?) and barbqued sweet potatoes. It was a feast. When it comes to the kitchen, Jerry is a miracle worker. Clearly, I am not. For now, I am using only convenience foods. When shards happen there you have a lawsuit to consider-a win-win situation. When shards happen when I AM THE COOK, all we have is a bad attitude. Sorry folks, dinner is ruined. Once again, I am thrilled to see that Cheerios give you 100% of your daily requirements. Dinner is served. By the way-these are the only trick-or treaters we had. When you live in the woods, there's not alot of kid traffic Happy Halloween everyone! Anyway!

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