Friday, May 14, 2010

It's all good

Just when you think it can't get any greener, it rains. And then all bets are off-the grass, the trees, the undergrowth. It all comes back and baby, it's green. What a kick. I am so inspired by it all, and so happy that I did not fall to the urge to plant early. Everyone I know who was out there when it was 70 degrees is blanketing their plants and trying to save it. 26 Degrees in the morning is a problem for the basil. Those (like me) who didn't plant anything, are happy being rewarded for our laziness (or foresight), however you want to view it. I prefer to say foresight. We're coming up on Prom Weekend, and the activity is growing by the hour. Tonight is a dinner at a local italian restaurant. Due the small size of the graduating class, Prom is open to all grades. Which makes it rather fun don't you think? I love it. Anyway, as a sophmore, Allison is experiencing her first "Prom" and her dress looks beautiful. I start to get all Pferklempt when I see her, so I will stay in the background. However, the photo ops will begin at 4 PM at the Johnson Hall State Park (beautiful grounds) and Yes, we will be there swarming like paparazzzi. She'll just have to deal with us. It's how you grow as a human being, suffering through your parents. Let the education begin. Sorry Al. The rest of them all survived, now its your turn. As I said, the greenness of the Adirondack Park is spectacular, and I am loving it. I am heading out next week with my friend and we will be hiking. THIS is the best part of living here-the opportunity to just walk out my door and be ready to go-no packing, no planning for vacation-it's just an opportunity every day. I intend to take it more often. I don't know where we're hiking, yet, but be assured that I will share. Happy Friday.

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