Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day - belatedly. I have been struck down by strep throat (sorry Jackie and Co.!) and Allison has a sinus infection - isn't spring lovely? I think all these ailments had some origin in the snowy days we've been having. That's right-snow. Thankfully, it is not sticking and usually melts away by 10 AM, when the sun is up and in full swing. But seeing snow this time of year is a bit disconcerting. Still, we plug along. Having two sick women in the house at one time has been a real pleasure. Jerry is rushing out to work in the morning. I wonder if we are his motivation? I am in full Alice in Wonderland rehearsal mode, and it is all finally coming together. I have had few thoughts on blog topics lately, the well is kind of dry. Alice Alice Alice. I guess that means I'm spending too much time at the theatre, and not enough time here at Blue Line Farm & Apiary. That is the missing balance, and as soon as Alice is done, I am back on track with Blue Line. I am looking forward again to being home and getting some spinning done. It is time for a bit of a break. Being sick with strep throat and laying around at home has reminded me of what is important, and being healthy is numero uno. I'm tired. So, a break is in order. We are training for the Tour de Cure which is coming up soon (June 7?) Something like that. To all my sponsors - I won't let you down! I promise! The frost is melting off the metal roof and dripping down like rain. The sun is up and the pasture looks beautiful! full green grass! It's another beautiful day in Caroga! Enjoy it wherever you are.

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