Friday, April 16, 2010

Broadway Bound

We're off to the big city-to see a Broadway Show! This is the family Christmas Party, which takes place in April this year because this is a tough group to pin down. We also collectively decided that strolling through Manhattan can be much nicer in April than January, which is when we have gone in the past. We are taking in "Le Cage Aux Folles" at the Longacrew Theatre, and have quite a group going. We are missing some crucial people, and will miss them all. This is the danger of booking a large group-inevitably people have life happening in spite of our tickets. That is what makes it such a wonderful time. Because we are all together and realize the frailty and the beauty of life, and that we must grab whatever moments we have, because we don't know when we'll have them again. So sometimes, when things get in the way of a plan, it helps to go forward with the plan anyway. It's the best we can do. We miss you Jesse and Ashley - Know that you're both in our thoughts. I have uploaded a picture here of the "Four Corners Dog". His house is located at the bottom of North Bush Road, which is 4.4 miles from our house. He watches this corner day and night, and considers it his own. You may come upon him sometimes and find him dozing on the yellow line, and everyone cautiously drives around him. I've mistakenly thought he had taken a hit a number of times, only to be pleasantly surprised when he looks up and decides to move on. It's definitely his corner, and we are on his turf. He is out there, winter, spring, summer, fall. I've seen him on occasion sleeping in his yard, or on his porch, but he definitely prefers the road; I guess he won't miss anything that way. We get totally freaked out when our dogs go NEAR the road, and this dog is roaming in Meco in all directions. No one is hanging out the front door and yelling, "Get Over here!" Hmmmm. It's like with the kids-I can remember seeing kids in the neighborhood running around without coats or shoes and thinking "Where IS that Mother?" And those were the kids who never got sick or had accidents. I guess God DOES watch over fools and children. This dog is a fool. So, when we get to the Bottom of North Bush Road, we'll head right, towards Long Island - and I can't wait! And this yellow lab had better get out of the way! It can be nice to put off Christmas a little bit-some April fun when we least expect it!

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