Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Le Cage Aux Folles"

Hello Readers.., Been a few days since I posted... Just sitting around the Camp / house today and waiting to get motivated to do something other then surf the net. Much work to be done and can't get it in Gear... We had a fabulous weekend down on Long Island and in Manhattan. We saw the Broadway Show, "Le Cage Aux Folles" with Family. The show was great and the company even better. All of our children attended with us along with Joanne , Doris , Julia & Emily. Some of the Family that was scheduled to come could not make it and very much missed. Mike Had to work, Ashly recovering from surgery, Jessie out of state attending a funeral of his Grandfather. Ashly get well soon, Jessie we are keeping you in our Thoughts & Prayers and Mike you missed a fabulous time....Work is work and sometimes it comes 1st.. After the show we had dinner at a restaurant called Pio...Pio in Manhattan . Jackie recommended the restaurant as she & Jessie had eaten at the Long Island Pio..Pio and loved it. It was a Hit and we all loved it! Thanks Jackie & Jessie! We Recommend that everyone Go See The Show....Le cage Aux Folles & Try Pio..Pio ! I'm Sure Jen will give a better review and I will leave that up to her. I'm not as descriptive as she , a writer , can be. I'll Leave it at Both the Restaurant , Pio...Pio & the Show are great! Nicole & Mike are coming along with our Grandson and last we heard the expected date is still 08/07/10 give or take a couple of weeks. I have been told that our grandson is kicking but did not get to feel him as he was quiet by the time we met up in Manhattan. Brian did get to feel some kicks on the train ride out. Baby Michale is due right in between Brian and my brothers birthdays. My Brother, Tom's, 08/01 & Brian's, 08/15. Jackie & Jessie doing well ( Other then the loss of his Grandfather) Jackie advises that her business is just keeping her sooooo busy. Walter seems to be having the times of his life working on a tug boat , NY Harbor. Brian working hard on two ambulances and waiting to get hired on the police dept, NYC or out in Suffolk county. Allison doing well in high school here and having fun exploring photography & taking some fabulous photo's Spring has arrived here in Caroga and slowly the grass and trees are blooming, seems that we are about 2 weeks behind the bloom on Long Island. I'm down to one live bee hive as I lost 4-5 to winter. I expect that I will get more hives going over the summer thru swarms or purchasing more bee's from the local bee vendor. Soon we will be working on our living room , replacing the west side windows and interior walls to have rough cut 10 inch lumber on the walls giving the room a very much so cabin feel. For those who have been up the living room will have the same look as our master bedroom walls. In the next couple days the craftsman who made and installed the rear deck railing will be coming by the house to give us a price on installing the front porch railing to make the porch near finished. The "Lake House" has not had any work at all other then yard cleaned up. We expect to get going on that this year...,We expect! Jake,Bailey & Daphne Just loving this warmer weather. The dogs spent the weekend at a local dog kennel and returned to us as happy as clams after the stay, getting a couple booster shots from a vet that visited the kennel. I for the past 3 months or so have returned to work for a security company , this office based in Fla with offices world wide. So far I have only attended classes with this company and waiting for Federal Security Checks before I can do any work for them. Not sure as of yet what or where I'll be working other then it's going to be Between here , Albany & Buffalo . I'm sporting a clean shaved face & very short hair, longer then most co -workers. Most of my co-workers are retired PD from the area . I think our official job title is, Federal Security Officers . Jen......., My Bride, has been working at her passion , The Arts ,volunteering at the Glove Theatre doing administrative work and is now also directing "Alice In Wonderland" ( She also Cleans & sweeps right alongside of the crew). They are lucky to have her! I too have been volunteering mostly every night at the Glove, sound board, carpentry ,scenery ,painting, lighting and oh yes.....Cleaning along side of Jen. Seems that the Glove is having a fund raising auction and Jen thought that it would be a good idea if we offered up for the auction a...."Jerry's Long Island Lasagna ". Start the biding....It will Feed 10-12 people...We ship! GOOD KARMA !!!!! It's true...it will follow you. BAD KARMA Will Also Follow , Sometimes Later.......Sometimes Sooner! "Having the Times Of Our Lives" Well that's about it for today ,Gang.....Jerry

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