Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Stem On The Apple

As you May or May not know ,our daughter, Nicole & Son-inlaw Mike, are having a baby. Yesterday on my birthday ,they found out what the sex of our Grandchild will be. Seems Mike put the "Stem On The Apple".......It's going to be a Boy!..... Due In Aug. So that's The News here... We are so Happy. Other Goings on, I have gone back to work for a security company and at this point in classes and waiting for my Federal clearances. I Like getting back out there, sometimes the classroom stuff gets a little dull. Most of my coworkers are retired cops so with that we all speak the same language, within 5 Min.'s we are all friends... The weather here has taken a change and signs of spring are appearing... Soon we will see the return of migratory birds that pass by here, the Bees out at the Bee Yard are flying.... Of seven hives that I wintered over...only one strong hive survived . I hoping that they make it through the spring...I am feeding them sugar water & Honey. ( It's Tough using that tiny dropper and holding onto a bee) Jen's working on a play at the Glove Theatre... Alice In Wonderland, the last two days she has had tryouts and the turn out was HUGE.. Jen putting her own "Spin" of this play....Should be Great. Ali's seems to be doing fine here in the Adirondacks and using her love of photography to keep her busy.. That's about it for Now.... Til Next Time Gang.......Jerry

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