Tuesday, January 19, 2010


When you have three dogs, you are lucky in that ONE of them will fit your immediate need. Want to snuggle? Daphne's your girl. She likes a huddle with the best of them. Looking to communicate? Jake will carry on a conversation if you want to engage in earth shaking barking. He likes to talk. If you ask him a question, he will bark the answer. The earth will shake, and you will have his voice. Deep from his diaphragm his opinion will come. When it comes to morning people, Bailey is the one I love to be with. He wakes with you and stays with you throughout all the morning rituals. He sits next to you while you make the coffee, he moves with you through the house while you open the shades and make the water rounds. He is right by your side when you go anywhere. And when you're ready to open the door and check out the weather, he is the first one out. He doesn't go far, as he likes to wait for Jake to head out into the field, but he will linger there on the porch, sniffing around and checking out the wildlife just beyond. The picture here is Bailey on the back porch looking out over the field. He is enjoying the dawn and waiting for his buddy to run with him. He and Daphne both slept in the living room last night. I have a sneaking suspicion Daphne is starting to accept Bailey. It's almost a year on Feb. 5 that he has been with us, and it has taken her this long to say "OK, he can stay". Even then, he is on thin ice. At any given moment, she may change her mind. but they are becoming uneasy allies. She still snaps at him when he tries to move around past her, but she doesn't jump up and nip at his legs. It's just a verbal assault-"Watch out Pal, I'm still in charge!" He is cautious, but slowly will continue on his way. Not hiding in the corner or fearful she'll kill him. He almost has her number. Almost. Speaking of numbers, the number here today is about three inches. Fluffy, light and still coming. This is snow shoe snow. I would like to get out there, but today at the theatre is full up, and I am due at the hospital at 1:30 for a diabetes education class. Not one to let the grass grow under my feet, it's been twenty plus years since my diagnosis and I am finally going to an "education" class. Nutritionally, I could use a little help. As someone who feels that cheese doodles are one of the four food groups (cheese=dairy=no problems) I am finally recognizing that education is the key to my success. I cannot do it alone. Those are scary words for someone who takes pride in independence. And so, off I go to be educated. This class WILL have tests. They are called Hemoglobin A1C. It is the test that all diabetics fear-the A1C. It busts you every time you let your guard down. It keeps you from being the queen of denial. It lets the world know "yes, she ate mallomars this month." Not a fan of resolutions, I think it's time to make a "goal" for myself. So, here it is, in writing. Don't hold me to it, but I'm giving it my best shot. To say I'm motivated is putting it mildly. I have alot of future to participate in!

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