Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Trauma-I need to get over it

After many false starts, the new insulin pump arrived on Friday. The nurse showed up this morning ready to train me on all the little quirks of a new pump. One of them being the needle insertion set that comes with it. I'm not a happy camper. Suffice it to say that THIS new insertion set is twice the length (approx 2 inches) of the old insertion set. I am not a fan of needles. Even the diabetic needle, which everyone says is "small", is enough to send me over the edge. This thing is massive in my eyes. I was hyperventilating as I inserted it (into my belly-which has plenty of inches to pinch) but all went well. I have to change the sight every 72 hours, so I am good till Thursday. By Wednesday night, I'll be having PTSD. I have learned the first half of this pump-sensor program. Monday of next week, the nurse comes back with the sensor. As of right now, the pump and the blood sugar tester communicate, which means I don't have to spend any time entering that information into the pump-it just reads it electronically. Next week, the sensor will read it electronically and pump automatically. Quite cool really, if you can remove yourself from the personal facts of this is all CONNECTED to me, so electronically or not, I'm still participating on a needle level, which I haven't quite wrapped my head around. Call me a coward. It fits appropriately. We had quite a successful weekend at the theatre. "The Cocktail Hour" was well received by the community, and will be having its second weekend run this upcoming Friday. We're all happy that everything went off like a well-oiled machine. Quite a great accmplishment. I was happy to see my dear friend Maryellen and her husband Jimmy - they rode up from Windham on Sunday and stayed for the matinee. It is always such a kick to show someone around the theatre, because in truth, it is an amazing place. After the show, we went out with the cast and Director for dinner at a local italian restaurant. It was a busy and happy weekend. And today is a school holiday, so Allison is home catching up on her zzzzzz's. I'm off to the grocery while Jerry plows a few more inches of party cloudy. It's all good.

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