Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getaway Day-Drive nice.

This is the day the rest of us who are traveling for the Holidays get on the road. We will all jockey for a great position in the mass exodus, and hopefully treat one another with the respect and courtesy that the season is meant to remember. The Birth of Christ, not the best parking spot at the mall. Sometimes these things can get confused. I have been shopping a bit this past week, and I am hopeful that I can get through the holidays without witnessing some bleak and discouraging evidence that humanity is failing miserably. So far, so good. I'm optimistic. There has been a light dusting of snow, and Jerry and Dan are on their way to the dog boarders. Dan to scope it out in case Angel is in need of boarding in the future. The lengths that Jerry went to to make sure our pets are comfortable while they are away from home is remarkable. I told him this morning that "they are lucky to have you". Jerry was looking for the Irish Weave afghan that Daphne likes so much. "Perhaps it's on Allison's bed" I said, because WE, THE HUMANS, LIKE IT TOO. So, we pulled a fleece off the Quilt hanger in the hallway and sent it with Daphne. she likes fleece too, but apparently prefers Irish weave. Well. la di da. Jake and Bailey were out the door because they are happy to go anywhere. Daphne however was onto the scheme and was sitting by me on the coach. She is nobody's fool. Having already been outside for her morning walk, the 8 degree temp is not something she was interested in re-experiencing. Whatever was out there was not as good as what was in here by the fire. Screw that. So Jerry picked her up and carried her out to the car. She looked somewhat disturbed. I know once she gets there and meets up with her old friend Sandy, the beagle, she'll be fine. They have a wood burning stove in the barn where the kennels are kept, and all our dogs get to stay together in one pen. They love it there - they have an indoor/outdoor door that allows them free reign and they can get outside to a fenced in area to run and play all they like. All in all, it's a nice gig. The dogs are happy, but we will miss them. Pets are not the perfect house-guests, so we try not to land on anyone if we can help it. Actually, pets ARE the perfect houseguests. But we're a little over the top with the three of them. And after all, it's not a bad tradeoff at all-family for the pets. It works for us - we're on our way! To all our friends and family far-away-Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and blessings in the New Year. Jen and Jerry and the gang.

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