Sunday, December 27, 2009

The after-party

Today is the day I have dreaded for a long time. The after-Christmas get-it-together day. I have been postponing all these chores until "after the holidays" because, well, I could. Now that the holidays are over (and I don't count new year's eve as a holiday-it just doesn't qualify) the piper must be paid. I have been piling "stuff" on my dresser because you need to access your "stuff" quickly when you're wrapping gifts. Pens, scissors, tape, gift cards, gift bags, tissue paper, etc. It all adds up. All of a sudden I can't see my dresser top, and I don't need any of this stuff any more. The holidays were totally wonderful, and now they are over. Reality bites. All of the little things that were magical last week are now simply an irritant. Tinsel on the floor is not "fairy dust". It is garbage that must be vacuumed. Of course, being away for a few days has added to the chaos. We came in last night about 6:30 PM, after picking up the dog family from the kennel. Aside from the fact that Bailey is leaning into my back as I type, none of them seem worse for the wear. He likes to be around all the time, so us being away would impact him. Jake is normally annoyed when we go away, he seems to have had a good time and is not bearing any ill-will. Daphne always has ill-will, so it's not terribly noticable. So that portion of our week is over too. Readjusting to home after being with friends and family for a few solid days. It was a great treat. Thank you to all our hosts-we loved every minute. Jerry is outside plowing the snow that got away from us while WE were away. It needs to be beaten into submission in the driveway. He's on it. I am looking into cross-country skiing this week-I may need to try that. I'm not sure yet. I could also try olympic napping, since Allison is away and I would not be missed. Television marathon, another sport that needs practice and dedication. I'll let you know how that works out. To everyone who is on vacation, I hope you find your sport. Keeping busy is the antidote to winter! Get started!

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