Thursday, October 29, 2009


Watched the Yankees last night and they lost. What happened? Guess it was the rain. Fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the 7th inning . Hope they do better tonight. Not much to report here in Caroga, Today.....Jen's at the office working hard and I'm doing some last min. stuff inside the house before I head out to do a little hunting. Here's a Little post I ran across on the Internet, thought I would repost it......"Hey, I treasure every moment in my life...I live every moment as if it's my last and have a beer to celebrate.Who knows when your last words or actions are the last ones the recipient will hear or feel? I want to leave them with a good feeling as well as a lasting memory....I could go on and on....just know, I am happy every day!" Well that's about it for today.....Wish Me luck , hope to have something on the meat pole today. Til Next Time, Jerry

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Anonymous said...

meatpole is an ugly word. eww. gross.