Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well,..... I guess no more posts from me!

Photobucket Well,..... I guess no more posts from me! I just finished reading Jen's post, And I quote, """ Unless of course we're discussing a well crafted sentence. That moves me too. There is nothing like reading a well written, definitive statement that makes you stop and think, or just reflect for a moment on the quality of thought and its presentation. Wow. """ I'm Just a Chicken pecking on the keyboard... So with that I try my best for the last one.... Rain and over cast here but mild on the temperature side, in the 50's. Been doing a little hunting this week mostly in the afternoon hours down the road on Dave's property which backs up to a large track of State Land. I Have only seen a few deer in the last couple of days, nothing with horns so my Meat Pole hangs empty. I hope to have something hanging from the back deck soon. They did shoot a bear the other day on Dave's property which was just over 100LBS. As I said raining today, I'll be taking a break from the woods and busy myself with inside work and the Yanks game tonight. Dan & Jenny coming up for dinner, I think it's going to be Chinese takeout. On a Sad note a friend pasted away the other day, Bill Solomon, husband of Debbie Solomon , friends from Port Washington. Bill, we will Miss You! That's about it for today..... (Maybe Ever ) Off to take a couple of classes. Just a Chicken pecking on a Keyboard. Jerry Photobucket I know she was only kidding and did not mean me.......She does not read my stuff!!! Photobucket

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