Friday, October 16, 2009


For almost a full week now we have had "company". It has been a real nice treat for us, because once again we see our place through guests eyes, and our place always looks good to me, we just forget sometimes. I've been so busy running "into town" that I forget what a nice campfire can do for your soul. I've been immersed in producing our "Broadway Comes to the Glove", and everything else has become background music. It is a fun way to operate, but that background music is calling to me. Jackie left yesterday, amid threats of snow in the Catskills. They talked about elevation snow here, but to the best of my knowledge (it's still dark out) we didn't get any. Frost is another story. Plenty of frost. The theatre is cold, and so I have learned to dress in layers, and I have learned to appreciate Jerry's -30 degree socks. I got them for him a few years ago for hunting, but I don't think he's been allowed to really take ownership. They're mine. Big, thick wool socks that keep your feet warm. A godsend here in the Adirondacks. Dressing for work these days means turtlenecks, thermals, jeans, boots and glovelets. You just can't be exposed for too long or you start to get stiff. We were at technical rehearsal the other night and the theater was 50 degrees inside. Now, we are all suffering from colds and sniffles. Why is it that burning the candle at both ends is only a problem during a show? I do it all the time, and never lose my voice. But when I'm involved in performing, the first thing to go is the voice. Now I'm scratchy and snuffling and by tomorrow night I should be in great form. Always a nice way to do a show. :( That being said, the show is fun and should be entertaining. That is our goal. I have been thinking about the differences between THIS job and the OLD job, and the difference is this-I'm SUPPOSED to be making copies, learning words, e-mailing cast and practicing dance steps in my office. Poor Chief Kilfoil used to just step around me when it was showtime. He was always a good sport about it, but now I am free to sing and dance all day long, because THAT'S MY JOB. I still have to pinch myself sometimes. It is simply too good to be true, only so far, it's not a dream. I used to go to seminars about EXCEL or FOIL Laws. Our seminar last week was at the Stanley Theatre in Utica with all kinds of "artists" who reside and work in the Capital district and surrounding areas. Tough gig eh? If you've never been to the Stanley Theatre, you're in good company. Neither had I. I've never actually been to Utica until this past year, and all it does is make me realize what a big and beautiful world it is out there. If you're living in your box, open the lid and get out. It's amazing what is out there. I just always assumed that New York City was it when it comes to theatre, and let's face it, Broadway is Broadway. However, if you can't get to Broadway, you can get into a theatre seat and be entertained in Broadway style. These theatres that are thriving here (Stanley, Proctors-and maybe someday The Glove) are absolutely gorgeous houses that have been restored to their original historic beauty. In the early 1900's they knew how to build theatres. And the talent that is showing up on the stages is nothing to slag off. These people are talented. As they say, there's a broken heart for every light on broadway. But there is enough talent out there to light up the world. Our small company included. The kids that have joined our show and are performing Saturday night amaze me. At twenty-something I couldn't get out of my own way. These kids have their goals, their dreams, and the motivation to get out there and find them. I just love that kind of energy. It inpires me. These days, my goals and dreams are being realized by the kind of job I have. and also, remembering to get out to the campfire more often, because that's why we moved here. And it's still the best place to be.

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