Saturday, September 5, 2009

"What's New?"

"What's New?" Is that not the title of a song that Linda Ronstadt sings???? Here's the link Blog has nothing to do with her ...just came to mind as I was getting ready to type with the blank screen facing me.... If you watch it I think she sings as well or almost as good as Jen. Well gang it's been a while since I last posted cause we have been busy , Jen at the Glove and I have been back & forth to P.A. as mom has been in the hospital recovering from surgery. Seems she is on the road to recovery and headed home after a few weeks of down time at a nursing home where they can give her the daily attention she needs after getting out of the hospital. This is the Last official summer weekend of the season, Labor Day Weekend and we are headed down to the lake house to help out...Jen's baking for a bake sale, I will be helping out the association to take out the boat docks... We don't have a boat or really use the docks but extra hands are always welcomed . Walking the dogs out in the pasture this morning I noticed that some of the Maple trees are getting a little color change. Easy there Big Guy....Don't rush it!..... Sorry about that always thinking about the up coming season as I still have to prepare the house for the cold winter bite that comes along. Working at getting that all fixed so that it's not all that much work in the future. Nuff about winter.... summer still here. Jen's been working very Hard at the "Glove Theatre " , I believe next weekend is a two day comedy fest at the theatre and she has a play in the works coming too at some point. This weekend we had people coming then we did not so we going to take it easy here at the camp this holiday weekend.. Just a few burgers and dogs on the BBQ, some time at the lake house and a couple board games with friends. Hoping to get in a walk or two and suck in some Cooler Adirondack Fresh Air. This time of the year seems to be a good time to catch those photo shots of the white smoke coming off the lake in the early morning hours as the morning cool weather and warmer lake water creates that effect . Least ,.....I think that is how and why it happens. That's about it for today Gang, Til next time........Jerry Hey..... Call and come up and see us as we are about to unwrap a whole new season here at the camp and looking forward to share with family and friends!!!! If we haven't said it Family and friends....We miss you and want you to stop by. Apple picking time is here.

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