Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Again!!!!

Well Gang, We are once,...... again,........ Home! Jen ,me and Ali headed south to Long Island to visit with Family, Got to a Wedding and a Bar-B -Q. Jake, Bailey and Daphne stayed up here at the Kennel. We landed at Jackie's last Friday night at about 10pm or so to spend the night as Saturday night we had a wedding in Bellport at the Bellport Country Club on the south shore of Long Island. Pam & Chuck's Daughter, married. Just a Beautiful event, the Bride was just beautiful, the Groom was handsome . It appears that a Great Time was had by all.... Congratulation to both of you Jackie and Bill on you wedding. After the wedding that ended for us around 12:30 or 1:00 am,,,,,,, after all the goodbye's. We headed back west to Mineola and Jackie and Jessie's apt. , landing in bed at about 2 AM. Sunday Morning. Well in about 8 hrs our cell phones started ringing as we needed to be up and heading back east to Nicole and Mikes house in Holbrook for a house warming Bar-B-Que. Up and out arriving at Bar-B-Q by 12 30. Seeing the house for the 1st time since they purchased it about a month ago. JUST WOW !!!!! We loved it!!!!! Congrats Mike and Nicole. It seems "they" have some renovation plans but from my eye the house did not need a thing....Of course they are a few years younger then us and look at things through younger eyes.We ended our visit at about 4pm as we had to head home on Sunday night for Home. ((( Well gang I started this on Monday and now it's Tuesday morning))))) Made it into our door at about 9:45 Pm and all of us dog tired. As Jen posted on her Face Book Page....We operate here at warp speed and the 1st thing Monday morning after a short sleep she was off the work being the the Executive Director of the Glove . After that she was the Producer / Director of a show at the Glove..."Broadway Comes to the Glove!" Jen took that on as it was a project that was scheduled for the theatre but the persons handling it back out. Jen a firm believer in "The Show Must Go On!" took the reins and held Cast Call for Talent on Monday Night.

Jen Had a great turn out of talented people and a Show will go on....!!!!!!! Word has it that more people will be coming tonight too. I was there too, but 1st it was a Run to the Kennel for our dogs that had spent the weekend and only could be picked up on Monday at 6pm.

Dogs back safe at home I was off the the Glove for support....... Guess what? Jen's already got me on stage and I did the opening number with the cast last night.

Well as I often say ....Volunteer, so that's what I did and with any luck I won't be in any embarrassing costumes. Good thing We live Far from the old work place. Tonight we have Ali's swim meet at Johnstown High School , Jen will be attending from work and then returning for further Cast Calls at the Glove.....I will be a "timer" at the meet, then off to the Glove to help out Jen's Cast Call. We do operate here at Warp Speed.

So that's about it....Jen's been very busy at night working on music and numbers for the show show that's why you have not heard from her on the blog.

I'll do my best to keep ya up dated

Thanks Jackie, Jessie, Nicole, Mike , Pam & Chuck we had a great weekend.

Til next time Gang...........Jerry

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Anonymous said...

Two guys already assigned to the Glove, you can run but you can't hide.... Jen will have more than enought pics to post on the blog.