Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lazy days of summer

Because I am a type A personality (no, really!) disguised as a laid back farmer, I have been running with the wind this past week. Today, because I have another meeting at 6 PM, I decided to spend a little time with Allison (who has gone back to bed) and so my quality time is being spent on Daphne and Bailey. Jake has gone to PA with Jerry to be with his Mom who is having some surgery. Jake went with Jerry because Jake does not acknowledge my presence when Jerry is away. He lives on his own time, by his own rules. Jake I mean, not Jerry. So I have the two dogs who are aware that they are dogs staying with me and we are all getting along fine. I am loving my job, by trying to find that balance between work and home. It's not easy. Yesterday we filmed our first "infomercial" about the Glove Theater, which is being shown on the local TV station. It was a bit of a kick getting it done, and it aired last night for the first time at 9:00 PM. Allie and I stayed up to watch the half hour program, and then crashed. It's a little too quiet here without Jerry, and our routine is a bit off. I spend too much time at the theater and have to remind myself to GET HOME! Allison has been at the theater with me much of the time, and we're just enjoying all the new experiences. It's been a cool week. Experience wise, not temperature wise. The garden looks so empty without the tomatoes. But the rest of the veggies are beautiful! I guess this is what they call the dog days of summer. I did notice yesterday that the school crossing lines were painted fresh. How sad. That's teh first sign of "Back to school!" My most unfavorite time of year. Which is why I'm letting Allison "sleep in". Not much time to do that. Swim practice started this week, but she is out today on a medical, so at least she gets a free day. Enjoy it honey. I feel your pain.

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