Thursday, August 20, 2009

Caroga Lake Update

Well Gang nothing Blogged in a couple Days so I will Give You the updates Since Blight Hit us. I'm home and Jen's been working her tail off at what she is loving to do.....Working at the Glove Theatre. I stopped by the other day and visited her office above the theatre......"Oh My God!!!!! She Is in Hog Heaven. Jen has this super large office that is just fabulous with an outer office that a secretary would sit at if she had a secretary . Jen's office has all these hidden closets behind the walls....Pushing on the walls then opens the closets , three I think... She has her own bathroom off her office....Shower too....WOW. These Great windows that look over down town Glovesville. The office reminds me of the offices of the show "Mad Man". She is still working very hard getting it all together and going through files and working to get it organised and up and running. I know that she will get it done because she is "that" good. This great rehearsal studio on the floor above her that is to die for..... For those of you who saw what Tappy Hour dancers used in Greenvale to rehearse , this seems twice as large, Huge wall of mirrors and a balcony that over looks the dance floor. She seems very happy but it has a long way to go before it's up and running. They have the right person! Front of the Theatre Photobucket Great windows on one side of the Dance Rehearsal floor Photobucket The other side of the Rehearsal room....Great windows in the Mirrors Photobucket The stage area is under renovation but looks fabulous already... Just don't have a photo yet. Is this right up Jen's alley or what???? Til Next time Gang......Jerry

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