Monday, August 17, 2009

Tomato Blight

Well Gang we Got " Tomato Blight" The discoloring on the Tomatoes from spores created by rain and cold and........... I don't know what but we got it! Dead Leaves and Fruit not looking so good! This is what the plants looked like.
Jen trying to figure a way to save them.
Just not going to happen and we ended up pulling them all out.
Jen Working on Rutabagas .....
Out with the old ...In with the New . Little seedlings we plant about a week ago, should be ready by late Oct.
And.....Some old Guy who wandered on to the property
to help out!!!!!
Who is that old Fart??????
Well we think the garden is now all healthy again, saved some tomatoes that don't look bad.
The tomatoes are still green and sitting on the window sill to turn red.
Funny seems everyone here has a garden and this Blight is the hot topic.. Everyone has a story about who really got hit bad and some seem to have dodged the bullet.......So Far.
Jen and I just kind of doing this for fun but a lot of people here growning them for an income and they are going to suffer due to the loss.... many acres of ruined tomatoes .
Been very hot here the last couple of the 90's and muggy.
We have the Central A.C. on and I love it cause anything above 68 kills me........Jen on the other hand hates the A.C. and it is killing her to have it on.. set at 74 here in the house and that is too cool for her.
Any Ideas guys on how to solve the problem??? We cant be the only couple that has this heat, cool thing going on!
Well that's about it for today..... Jen will have stuff to post I'm sure as today was her 1st day as Executive Director of the Glove Theater.......I wonder do they have A.C. in her office?????
Wish her Luck or is it in the theater game....?"Break A Leg!"
On another note today is the 4th anniversary of her Dad , Eugene Rowland's passing.
Keep her in your heart today as it is always tough for her on this day.
We Love You Jen!
Til Next time Gang.....Jerry

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