Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rotten Dogs and Landscaping

We're back to cookie training again. Jerry was out of town for a few days helping out his Mom and he wasn't gone ten minutes when I decided to take the boys (Jake and Bailey) for a walk. I opened the door and they both took off and hung a right towards Roger's house. Off limits. Out they went like two criminals running off into the sunset. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They knew damn well they were NOT supposed to go to Roger's, because Roger has two dogs that are tied to a tree (TIED TO A TREE!) and it's not fair. But they ran anyway because Alpha Dog was gone. I hate when they do that to me, and to do it not ten minutes after he had left just added insult to injury. It was a clear statement about my Alpha position in this house. Nonexistent. While Jerry is away, the inmates are running the asylum. I am Alpha only to Allison. Sorry sweetie. You will have to assert your alpha self elsewhere. I have enough problems. It is July 1 and I have switched to Iced Coffee. It's my bow to summer every year and is a nice enough treat, but it sure doesn't feel like summer. We had a rain storm yesterday that was frightening in its intensity. I was standing on the porch with Dave who happened to be here doing some landscaping work, and I decided to move into the house because the lightening and thunder was getting a little close. When you can't finish the seconds count from 1 to 2 it means the storm is right there, and you need to get out of the way. As a result of that storm, today we have a mud driveway. Feels like spring thaw again. We had some boulders installed (dropped?) into the front circular driveway to establish a planting bed. It looks beautiful and we're loving it, but the excavating equipment tears up what little driveway grass cover we had left after winter. Now it is just mud. Timing is everything. What was I thinking? Just in time for summer activities! Yuk. Dave packed it in last evening and won't be back until tomorrow. It has to dry a little. I will wash this floor today, and then watch Butch and Sundance bring it all in again. It's going to be a long day.

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