Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

There is nothing like having a houseful of chores and blowing an hour on Bejewled dazzler or some such game on Facebook. I'm addicted, and it's a total waste of time. Not only that, but I'm getting blitzed by my opponents. You'd think I'd pack it in. You'd think. Our One year anniversary was last week, on the 27th. We have been full-time residents of Caroga lake for one full year. It's hard to believe that it went so quickly, and yet it also feels like a million years ago that we packed the car for the first trip north as residents of Blue Line Farm. We have made the trip back and forth to LI a number of times, and it always thrills me to be on the return trip and feeling like this is home. It didn't take long. If only our family was here full time, it would be perfect, but we will settle for the odd visit here and there. In the long run, I think it has worked out brilliantly for us all. I have learned a few things living here this past year, and I thought I'd share. 1. They do not work at the same pace as we're used to. This is why they are not having heart attacks. When the sun is out and the day is perfect, the contractor will pack up and go fishing. Without apology or remorse. It's a good fishing day (hunting day, hiking day, etc.) and they will be back tomorrow. 'Nuff said. They have the right idea. I had a problem with this in the beginning. I no longer care. I want to be fishing too. 2. Tyvek is an acceptable siding material. It can be temporary, or it can be up for five years. This does not matter either. You'll get to it when you'll get to it. It's hard to keep up with the Jones's here, because as I said, the Jones's are fishing. They don't care either. 3. I really do like the Amish. I never thought I would be on a first name basis with an Amish family, and I find it remarkably cool. They are just nice people with a tremendous work ethic when they are working. Their families are lovely people who have a like-minded curiosity about us and our family. It's kind of fun. A cultural exchange. Who knew? 4. If you are seeking culinary excellence, you would be advised to search elsewhere. Except in your own kitchen, the food here upstate is outstanding when you are searching for comfort food - the comfort food is unparalelled. However, if you are looking for healthy and simply prepared food, this is not the place. Chicken gravy and fried everything is the average menu choice. Mac and Cheese, french fries, potatoes and more gravy is the side. Very rarely a vegetable without some sort of sauce. It's a challenge, but fun. Adventures in dining. 5. The main difference between upstate and downstate is that mustard on your burger is nomal here, not normal on L.I. It's not my cup of tea, but who am I to judge? I just have to remember to request "no Mustard" on my burgers, because they do it automatically. Ugh. 6. The fashion here is not the same as LI. We do not choose shoes for their fashion sense. Some people in town are dressing for success, and I do see them on occasion. However, the weather really does dictate what you wear and most people dress for the weather, not for the fashion police (some more successfully than others). A good pair of wellies will get you anywhere. I have even seen them on some students at the High School. Not MY student, who is still in the L.I. mode of dress. But others who have been known to use comming sense are being seen regularly. I like this. It warms my heart. 7. Most people have a house in town, and a camp at the lake. Some camps need alot of work, others have been modernized and renovated so that they are four season vacation homes. Ours is in the early stages of needing modernization. We find that we are working on our main house more than we're working on the cottage at the lake. That is OK too. We're getting with the program here. It's a nice place to hang out and bar-b-que. If you need the facilities, the state park is right next door. Let them clean the bathroom. We're fishing. 8. The bugs here are huge. HUGE! The mosquitoes wear flight gear. Screw the environment. Deet my frind. Deet. 9. Good friends are good friends, no matter where you are. I have maintained contact with my good friends and managed to get visits in here and there. We're hoping they'll make the trip north whenever possible. Unlike real estate, friends and location don't matter. 10. I miss my family, no matter where we are. I never see them enough, and think of them every minute of every day. That will never change. Even if we're next door neighbors, it won't be enough. (Don't worry kids, that won't be happening soon, but you never know!) I have learned this past year that life has a way of moving forward, no matter what. We are always surprised by what tomorrow brings, and always glad to be able to experience it. We have alot to be grateful for. We know this. It's been an amazing year.

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